Sunday, August 2, 2009

Massacre of French monks in Algeria

The new chapter regarding the massacre of the French seven monks, in 1996, in Algeria comes to shed light on the Algerian military’s manipulative machine and raises the fundamental question in Algeria: « who’s killing who? ».

The Algerian army, and after murdering and decapitating the seven innocent monks, tried to capitalize its crime by accusing the Islamist rebels in order to win support from the West in its “war on terror”. In fact, the monks’ abduction was claimed by the “Armed Islamic Group” who, indeed, negotiated with France for their release, but the “rebel group” infiltration by Algerian security services, made the monks’ decapitation an easy task. Below the English version of “Le Monde Diplomatique” that provides material evidence of the bugbear organized by the Algerian Generals.

Taking profit on the so-called “global war on terror”, in order to extinguish social unrest that is so probable in such a deteriorating economic situation, the Algerian Generals became experts in manipulation.

The incompetence of the Algerian security forces to protect its citizens is no accident; it is a conspiracy against the Algerian people to keep the Algerian Military relevant and “needed” to protect the people. The electoral platform used by the Military junta to back President Abdelaziz Bouteflika during his last and third winning presidential campaign, was: “Algerians need Bouteflika to keep peace and order”.

Today, if a legal inquiry is under way regarding the French monks’ massacre, the case of over 200.000 Algerians killed, during the 1990’s, remains to be elucidated. The plaintive families are facing the Algerian government who makes attempts to force them to forget their beloved ones in the name of a “freak” policy of reconciliation imposed by the lifetime Algerian President, re-elected last April for a third mandate after a constitutional coup d’Etat, only a few months before the presidential elections.

Government forces have inflicted at least as many casualties as the Algerian rebel groups, according to Algerian exiles (among us) and leaders of the opposition parties being banned for life from running in parliamentary elections. The civil war crisis of the 1990’s was to make asylum applications peak at hundreds of thousands of Algerians and run at consistently high levels. Return of asylum-seekers has not followed a similar pattern though, and even domestic pressure within host countries of those asylum-seekers, has failed to return them to Algeria. Many of them are illegally staying in Britain, France, and alternative European countries.

What the Algerians gained since 1962, is a reign based on the State’s “Body of Lies”, crime, and falsification of History. The exacerbated feeling of “national pride”, based on nothing concrete, nothing veracious, has turned into a national psychosis: “Algerians are surrounded by enemies and spies”.

With rapidly deteriorating socio-economic conditions, and both a fragile security atmosphere and an ambiguous political state of affairs, Algeria is facing challenging times. The country sits on considerably rich reserves of oil and gas that profits only to the Military junta; whereas the poverty-stricken and starving Algerian people are left in the margin.

If Algeria is nowadays a base of North African armed groups, it is worth recalling that since the reign of Boumedienne, who, by the way, came to power through a coup d’Etat in 1963, whereby the current President Bouteflika was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the second man in power hierarchy, Algeria will then become a safe haven for notorious international terrorists. How could we easily forget the Algerian junta’s links with the Red Brigades, the Red Army, the Basque ETA and the worldwide-known terrorist Carlos who made an assault on the Vienna-based OPEC office just to kidnap the organization’s Ministers and fly with them as his hostages, the same day, to Algiers airport where he would be received as a hero by the same Bouteflika?

Therefore, Algeria Alert International looks to the Norwegian Council of Ethics and to all those cherishing democracy and freedom, to appeal to them to refrain and even cut off all ties of any kind of co-operation with the totalitarian military regime of Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Signed and approved by the Algeria Alert International board member.

1st August, 2009

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